Become an active contributor to our knowledge-sharing initiatives within the Publications Division. Here is what you can expect:

Article Contributions:

As a member of the Publications Division, you will have the opportunity to write 2 to 3 articles every month. These articles span a wide spectrum, ranging from cutting-edge innovations in AI, data science to insightful papers about our ongoing projects. We value your unique perspectives and welcome articles that reflect your ideas and expertise.

AI Odyssey Newsletter:

The AI Odyssey is a structured journey through the world of Artificial Intelligence. Our mindmap-style articles cover topics from foundational concepts to advanced applications, providing a comprehensive understanding of AI in digestible pieces.

Pills Of BSDSA  Newsletter:

Pills of BSDSA has the main objective of sharing knowledge about the real-world applications of statistical theory and methods.

Social Media Management: 

The Publications Division also plays a vital role in managing our social media presence. If you have an interest in social media management and want to steer our online presence, you can apply to take on this responsibility. It's an exciting opportunity to engage with our audience and promote our initiatives. 

Below, you can find various articles written by our members as part of our newsletters on Medium