Bocconi Statistics and Data Science Student Association

Welcome to the official website of the Bocconi Statistics and Data Science Student Association. We are a passionate group of students committed to deepening our understanding of statistics and data science, and applying these disciplines to solve real-world problems. 

About Us

This association was founded to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of statistics and data science. We realized a pressing need for an organization dedicated to these subjects within the Bocconi community.

In a data-driven society, understanding and using data is integral to driving progress in diverse fields. We believe statistics and data science are key to uncovering insights from data, leading to groundbreaking developments and enabling informed decision-making.


Our primary goal is to cultivate a thriving academic culture that encourages students to undertake original research projects, apply their theoretical knowledge to solve real-world problems, and share their findings with the broader community.

We aim to establish a learning environment that values curiosity and encourages questions, where innovative thinking is celebrated, and knowledge is freely and openly shared.

We aspire to enrich the academic community by highlighting the significance of statistics and data science and their intersections with other areas, from management to artificial intelligence.


Join Us

Are you interested in being part of our association? We would be more than happy to welcome new members. You can learn more about how to become a BSDSA member here!